BRJ Triathlon at the Cambridge Tri, 2011


For a number of years Members of BRJ running club had been competing in triathlons and the interest within the club continued to grow and grow. As a result of this interest the club decided to start our own triathlon section and in January 2011 TRI BRJ was launched.

The tri section aim was to promote triathlons and to encourage new members to take part in this fun and exciting sport regardless of age or ability. Since starting interest has grown and we now have approximately 70 members who are actively competing or training with the view of entering their first race in the near future.

 At the clubs AGM 2012 it was voted and agreed to change the club name and so BRJ Run and tri was born.

Triathlon is still a new venture for our club but with the drive and passion our members possess they are helping to grow the tri section into a force to rival any tri club in the country. Our aim is still to encourage new members to the sport and to support them to achieve their goals.

 Take a look at the information on the tri page as it contains tips and advice that may improve your training and overall performance.

Gook luck  with your triathlon journey and remember Swim bike run is so much fun!!

Pssst! Take a look at the new club tri kit here!