Information on cycle training sessions

BRJ Run & Tri spin/turbo Sessions at Hinchingbrooke School. (Winter months OCT onwards)

Places for spin bikes are limited to 10 bikes and you will need to book for 6 sessions. Booking 6 sessions will allow us time to progress the sessions every week to develop your speed, strength and stamina. The sessions are ideal for BRJ members who want to keep up their bike/triathlon fitness over the winter months. If you have a turbo trainer you can use that rather than the static spin bikes and you can then just turn up and join in rather than booking for 6 weeks for a spin bike. The cost for the block of 6 sessions for the spin bikes is £18, cost for turbo trainer is £3 per session. For more information please contact Andy Matson on

Due to a shortage of instructors the winter spin sessions have been postponed



Time Trials @ St Ives CC. (summer months)

On Wednesday evenings BRJ normally have a small group of riders who take part in St Ives cycle club time trials. BRJ are members of the  national cycling time trials for England and Wales which means you are insured to take part and can race under the BRJ Run and Tri banner. For more details please look on St Ives cycle club website;  or contact Gillian on

Weekend bike rides.

Organised weekend bike rides and sportive events are to encourage more people to ride their bikes and not just for triathletes. If you want to improve fitness and cycling performance by riding in small groups, own a road bike then please join us. Typically rides will be between 25-60 miles with or without stops (this is up to the ride organiser) and average speeds range from 13mph to 18 mph depending on experience and distance and of course weather conditions.
When weekend bike rides are organised through our facebook page, club email and on our website. Details of the rides are sent out 2-3 days in advance with details of distance and meeting place. Weekend bike rides take place most weekends during the season. For more details, or if you would like to organise a ride please contact; Alan on or Gillian on

Other bike rides (weekday evenings)

During the summer months our club captain Alan Hannibal organises a Thursday evening bike ride lasting around 2 hours with a stop around half way. Please contact Alan for more details,