Code of conduct (cycling)

BRJ Run & Tri

Code of Conduct –Cycling

The code of conduct is written with all athletes’ safety in mind and your respect adhering to these rules is paramount to ensure safe and enjoyable club runs.

  1. BRJ Run & Tri asserts that the wearing of a correctly fitted helmet conforming to a recognised safety standard is required for all club rides and events organised by the club.   We would strongly recommend the use of a helmet whilst cycling at all other times, whilst recognising the right of each individual to choose whether or not to accept this recommendation.
  2. Observed and adhere to the rules of the Highway Code.
  3. Ride no more than 2 abreast and single out to enable traffic to pass.
  4. We would recommend that all riders wear clothing appropriate to the conditions and when visibility is poor reflective clothing is recommended.
  5. Lights conforming to a recognised standard are compulsory if cycling at night.
  6. Ensure that your bike is in a roadworthy condition and that you are carrying a suitable pump along with an inner tube.
  7. Carry a mobile phone for emergencies.
  8. Respect other road users and pedestrians avoiding confrontation.
  9. Act responsibly at all times to promote a good image of cyclists and the club.