On a very blustery Saturday morning, BRJ fielded three teams in the inaugural Christmas Pudding Race in Cambridge, in aid of Cancer Research UK. The race was more a bit of fun than the “proper” running we are used to, nonetheless we took our racing seriously and went dressed as Super Heros and the Cat in the Hat and her Things.

We had to endure obstacles including limbo under a string of balloons, climbing through a hula hoop, putting a bauble on a Christmas tree, running through a slalom course and then finally climbing through a bouncy castle tunnel which contained a high...Read more

The benefits of running are well known: health; fitness; meeting challenges and surpassing goals; making new friends. For Ed and Sabrina, running brought them together. Ed described their first run together as a revelation. Although the pace was fast Sabrina, stuck with him. Now, of course, Sabrina's  status in the club has become legendary as one club record after another is broken by her amazing running. We were delighted to hear that they wished to be more than running buddies but married running buddies. Only one thing stood in their way, Ed had to join BRJ.

As the day...Read more

The concept of the BRJ Steeplechase came from Chairman, David Newton who wanted to create a fun event for the autumn calendar with great training value for all members. Registration opened at 9.30am near the Chinese Bridge in Godmanchester and also marked the start and finish. The first groups started at 9.45am and the event closed at 3.00pm and over 30 members took part. Seven courses were available, ranging from running and walking 7.5km and visiting three steeples or towers, to 30km visiting 10. Cycle routes ranged between 7.5km for the three steeples and towers to 37km visiting all...Read more

Bren is an Ironman!!

On October 4th, four members and their support crew, of super heroes and assistants, travelled to Spain for the Barcelona Ironman. These were Bren Vaughan, Gillian Peck, Andy Matson and Ricardo Miller. Thankfully, conditions were good for the athletes, the sea had calmed and it wasn't too hot. Unfortunately, Andy was forced to pull out during the run. The others finished in amazing times.

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Whilst the majority of the juniors were representing BRJ at the first Frostbite of the series, three juniors had a one, two, three finish at Bedford Junior Aquathlon on a warm sunny Sunday. Daniel Moore came third in his age category (12:53), Ed Cochrane came second in his age category (19:31) and Isobelle Moore came first in her age category (9:55). There was an adult triathlon alongside the junior Aquathlon where Daniel recieved some words of wisdom during his run from Mark Kleanthous (he has completed more than 1,050 triathlons, marathons and ultras!) who, after their runs, made time...Read more



A brilliant turnout and effort from the club's junior athletes led to them coming a fabulous fourth in the first race of the season. Perfect conditions made for great junior and senior races in the tough off-road races. The seniors, boosted by support from the very vocal juniors, came ninth. Team results are...Read more