Open Water Swimming starting soon!

The open water swim sessions are scheduled to start on Friday 25th April (providing the water temperature is ok).

If you want to take part in the open water swim sessions then you MUST be a member of BRJ Run & Tri. Non-members are NOT permitted to swim.

We have a very good relationship with the Park Ranger and also with the Huntingdon Canoe Club , who give up their free time every Friday as an extra safety measure at our swim sessions.

All members must have read AND SIGNED the open water code of conduct. Please complete one of these forms and bring it along to your first open water session. Spare copies will be available at the lake if you forget!

The swim sessions rely on a number of volunteers to make the event safe (signing in/out, a watcher on dry land etc). In order to spread the load we would like you to volunteer to assist please. If everyone did one night then I think that should cover the whole season, so it is not a regular commitment. I have volunteers for the first session but if you could please e-mail Jackie Wren the dates that you are able to help out then we can start populating the rota. Please note that if you volunteer and then you can't make it, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement volunteer.

Junior members are allowed to swim at these sessions provided they are accompanied at ALL TIMES by a parent/guardian or a BRJ coach. Please note that parents/guardians must also be BRJ members and competent swimmers. All code of conduct rules apply to juniors, juniors MUST wear a wetsuit if entering the water, even to paddle!

If any juniors do not have a parent/guardian who can swim with them and they would like a BRJ coach to be their responsible adult, please can they contact Andy Matson ahead of each session so he knows how many juniors to expect.

We are very keen to encourage our junior members to take part in the open water swim sessions so if you are able to assist Andy, and be willing to take some of the juniors please can you let Andy and Jackie know. If we aim to get the juniors in the water at the start of the session it will still allow the helpers plenty of time to do their own swim after they have accompanied the juniors.

Please note only qualified BRJ coaches will be allowed to take more than one junior out at a time. Parent/guardian to child ratio remains 1:1 for non qualified coaches.

Lastly please remember you are  NOT allowed to enter the water until the senior responsible adult in charge of the open water swim session has confirmed it is safe, and ok for you to do so - thank you.

The sessions start at 18:00 and you must be out of the water by 19:30. People usually get to the lake around 17:45 as it takes time to get change and register etc. Please note there are no changing facilities or toilets at the lake.

We hope this covers everything but if you have any questions or would like further information please feel free to contact either Jackie Wren, Rachel Real or Claire Schmidt.

Kind Regards and happy swimming :-)