Juniors go really well at Frostbite #3

The Juniors were on fire at the 3rd Frostbite of the season - possibly because they hadnt been drinking and dancing the night away the previous night at the BRJ Anniversary Ball. Juniors finished 4th position overall. 



RACE #3 -  8th DECEMBER 2013



There were a great number of similarities with event #2 as the Hinchingbrooke Park course was bathed in sunshine, we equalled the highest ever turnout of BRJ Junior athletes, and the Juniors moved yet another place UP the leader board.

The fact that the BRJ 25th Anniversary Ball was the previous night always threatened that our senior squad could find it difficult to either improve, or even maintain its position on the leader board. However, whilst the numbers of seniors actually decreased very marginally over event #2, some individuals were “there in body, but not necessarily in mind”! But at least they were there!

For those that were sporting a hangover, I can confirm that your eyes were not deceiving you as 2 Santa Claus DID participate in the event (aka Alan Hannibal & Phil Pearsons).  

Both courses were muddy in parts, but it was “sticky” rather than slippery, which it is apt to be in Bob’s Wood. I blame the Parkrunners! With the fallen leaves camouflaging the tree roots and potholes, both events were not without incident with Charlotte Orugboh & Oliver Wood, to name a few, all taking tumbles with obvious disruption to their finish positions.  To their testament, all but Juliet Corby were able to continue to the finish lines despite their injuries (all minor luckily!)

Our overall results were: -

JUNIORS  - Scored 195 position points, achieving 4th place on the day earning 12 League Points. The Junior team are now placed 5th overall (UP by 1 place since event #2) with 31 League points and 3 League points behind Nene Valley Harriers.

SENIORS – Scored 1,150 position points, achieving 10th place on the day earning 7 League Points. The Senior team are now placed 11th overall (DOWN by 1 place since event #2) with 20 League points and 1 League point behind March AC.


There were 184 junior finishers with the BRJ fielding 22 junior athletes consisting of 9 boys & 13 girls, in fact the same number as at event #2.

Oliver Wood led all of the runners from the starting gun and at the halfway point, Oliver Wood was leading James Armstrong by 6 places, but as previously mentioned Oliver took a tumble in the latter stages and winded himself in the process. James Armstrong was therefore the first home for our Junior squad, improving on his 22nd position in event #2. James’s finish time beats that set by Charlie Barlow in the 2011 event by just 5 seconds and so becomes our new Boys Champion for this Frostbite Venue!

Our second scorer was Ewan Morgan (5th home in event #2) who had a spirited run, narrowly beating Kayla Helmkamp. Kayla has now become our Girls Champion by beating the time set Lauren Elliott’s time set last year. Unfortunately, Lauren was unable to defend her crown due to injury.

Our fourth finisher was the in-form Emily Wake-Primett and the final scoring position went to Havana Miller, her first occasion as a team scorer.

The 5 scoring members were very well supported with great team packing throughout the finishing positions with PB’s at this Venue for Charlotte Orugboh, Cameron Smith and Amie Smith. For the remainder, it was their debut at this venue.

Amie’s PB is perhaps all the more surprising because she was tracking Alice Holmes who apparently ran the wrong way for a short time before getting back on to the correct course. Amie’s margin of PB clearly would have been much bigger had they not taken a diversion.

The 4th placing for the junior squad was the best for very many years and at the results announcement Andy Matson was visibly stunned. You made him a very happy man and long may that continue!

In summary, the Junior stats were: -

PB’s at Venue – 3 (Charlotte Orugboh, Amie Smith & Cameron Smith)

Today’s 5 scorers for the Junior team were:-





First Girl

Kayla Helmkamp



Debut at Venue & new Girls Champion at this Venue

First Boy

James Armstrong



Debut at Venue & new Boys Champion at this Venue

Remaining 3 Scorers

Ewan Morgan



Debut at Venue

Emily Wake-Primett



Debut at Venue

Havana Miller



Debut at Venue


There were a total of 388 competitors in the senior event, with 45 BRJ finishers and 1 non-finisher, Juliet Corby.

As at event #2, Roger Holliday and Frank Holmes had their usual battle up front, but it was Roger that again  gained the upper hand.

For the ladies, the same 3 individuals took the top 3 scoring positions as in event #2, except this time Andrea Robinett was our third lady home (rather than first in event #2) with Paula Elliott taking over the leading ladies spot at about the 3 mile point. Rachel Real secured the ladies runner-up scoring position, which was a testament to her stamina and commitment as she was first lady home in the Huntingdon Parkrun the previous day in a significant new PB time.

There were debut club runs for 3 new faces, Juliet Good, Gordon Harradine and David Thomas. Hope you 3 all enjoyed the event and that we will see you on 12th January at March prison.

Chris Schmidt had to run a venue PB to hold off ever improving Tim-Neal-Hopes who also achieved a PB time. Luckily, Tim did not get all of the “Family Bragging Rights” as Louise also secured Venue PB and daughter Liberty earned a club 5k PB at the Parkrun the day before!

Next home was Steve McNicoll with Tony Hucklesby taking the 9th scoring place (in a Venue PB time) and finally came Daniel Grant in his first ever team-scoring position.

The 10 scorers for the Senior team were:-





First 3 Ladies

Paula Elliott




Rachel Real




Andrea Robinett




First 3 Men

Roger Holliday




Frank Holmes




Chris Schmidt



PB at Venue

Remaining 4 Scorers

Tim Neal-Hopes



PB at Venue

Steve McNicoll




Tony Hucklesby



PB at Venue

Daniel Grant



Debut at Venue

David Newton competed the Frostbite on his 65th Birthday. I suspect that David will be one of the very few BRJ members that will qualify for a State Pension at the age of 65. The rest of us will have considerably longer to wait and hope there is something left in the pot!

The senior stats were:-

PB’s at Venue - 8 (Richard Davies, Julie Holmes, Tony Hucklesby, Louise & Tim Neal Hopes & Annette Newton, Chris Schmidt  & Paul Tapscott)

Debut at Venue – 11 (Annette Baker, Nathan Brennan, Claire Few, Daniel Grant, Alex Howard, Cheryl Jenner, Warren Monk, David Newton, Kate Ruddock, Michael Shaw & John Weinstein)

Club Debut Run  – 3 (Juliet Good, Gordon Harradine & David Thomas) 

As always the vocal support around the course, particularly from our junior members, was second to none.  


We have seen some great performances in events 1 – 3 so far, but traditionally, the next 2 events are very poorly supported by the Junior & Senior members and inevitably these venues are where BRJ generally looses ground.

It is worth mentioning that for the recently announced 2014 Junior Running Championship, the Frostbite event in January 2014 is one of the 12 “Nominated” Junior events (see list attached)

The next important date for your diary is: Frostbite Event # 4 - Sunday 12th January  2014 at Whitemoor Prison, March  (Hosted by March AC).

Directions to the venue and maps of the courses will be available shortly on the Frostbite League website.

Frostbite Team Manager, John O’Callaghan (John’O), will be officiating at the next event on 12 January, but will not be able to ride his bike as far a March Prison and so he would appreciate a lift. Please contact him if you are able to assist in this respect.

Have a great Christmas everybody and I very much look forward to seeing you all fit and rearing to go on the 12th January (unless you are competing for the BRJ in the Cambridgeshire County Cross Country Championships on 5th January 2014. A separate communication will be issued within the next 2 week or so related to this.