About the Frostbite

ATTENTION! 2017/2018 Frostbite Dates and Venues are:-

Event #1 - 1st October  - Riverside Runners (Priory Park, St. Neots)
Event #2 - 5th November - Bushfield Joggers (Nene Park/Ferry Meadows Country Park, Peterborough)
Event #3 - 10th December - Hunts AC  (Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon) Cancelled due to bad weather
Event #4 - 14th January 2016 - March AC (venue to be confirmed)
Event #5 - 4th February 2016 - Bourne Town Harriers (Bourne Woods)
Event #3 - 18th February - Hunts AC  (Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon) Date rearranged from December
Event #6 - 11th March 2016 - BRJ Run and Tri (Jubilee Park, Huntingdon)

Contact Claire Few, our Frostbite Co-ordinator, for further details

The Frostbite Friendly League is a series of six "closed" running races for senior and junior runners from 16 road-running clubs based mainly around the Peterborough area (in the UK). The races are staged at 4-5 week intervals on a Sunday morning during the winter months from October to March (hence Frostbite). Each of the 6 races is hosted by one of the participating clubs. The senior races are all between 5 and 6 miles and the junior races are less than 1.5 miles (one day we will go metric!). The terrain varies from race to race and may be anything from a wet and muddy cross-country to road-running through a town centre. The races are very well attended and each race regularly attracts over 250 runners.

Each club may enter as many runners as they want into each of the races. Scoring is based on the finish position of each team's first 10 runners - for senior teams 3 of which must be male and 3 must be female. For junior teams the first 5 runners to score, 1 of which must be male and 1 must be a female. For both juniors and seniors the remaining qualifying places may be male or female. Trophies  are awarded to the winning, 2nd and 3rd place teams at the end of the series. The definitive guide to the rules is published here.

This league is open only to senior and junior members of the 16 participating clubs. If you wish to run in any of the races you must be a member of one of the clubs as strictly no guests are allowed. 

The emphasis in these races is on participation and enjoyment of all runners whatever their ability or sex and friendly rivalry between clubs.

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